Project Recruitment Services

  • Client Managed - We will design and onboard a Custom Built Team that will work in tandem with your department and resources to achieve your recruiting goals
  • On- or Off-site Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators, Internet Researchers and Sourcers
  • Candidate Sourcing, Screening, and Selection
  • Candidate Relationship Management
  • Custom Reporting and Metrics

No project is too big or small for Search Wizards! With projects ranging from a single sourcer to teams of 100+, Search Wizards delivers. With our Project Recruitment Services, we bring world class and "best practice" recruiting functions into your organization.

Need to fully outsource your recruiting function? Do you have cyclical needs? Are there always "hard to fill" positions? Would you like to receive qualified, interested, and available candidates as opposed to sifting through stacks of resumes?

Search Wizards is here to help - contact us today to learn more!